Connie Mack
(b. December 22, 1862 - d. February 8, 1956)
As player, manager, and owner, Connie Mack had a career that spanned an incredible eight decades. Manager of the Athletics from 1901 to 1950, Mack built then tore apart several championship clubs. His first dynasty was from 1910 to 1914, when the Athletics won four pennants and three world championships. He sold off many of those players and finished in last place from 1915 to 1921. His second dynasty was the 1929 to 1931 clubs - three pennants and two world champs. Known to all as "Mr. Mack," he was the last man to manage out of uniform, preferring to wear formal attire. Inducted in 1937, he was 3,731-3,948 in his 53 years as manager.
Inducted in 1937
1923 V100 Willard's Chocolates Connie Mack PSA 6 EX-MT
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UPDATE: The poor left-to-right centering on the first PSA 6 bothered me but I didn’t think an opportunity to “upgrade” would come up anytime soon.  That changed in July 2016 when PWCC offered up another PSA 6 with near perfect centering.  I was lucky and ended up winning the card, yet again, for less than what I paid for the card I was upgrading.  So, at the moment, I have three Willard Chocolate Macks in my possession – a PSA 5 and two PSA 6s.  I’m extremely happy to have a nicely centered example in high grade now.

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1923
ACC Set Designation: V100
Set Name: Willard's Chocolates
Country: Canada
Description: Issued circa 1923, this set was produced by the Willard Chocolate Company of Canada and features sepia-toned photographs on cards measuring about 2" X 3-1/4". The cards are blank-backed and feature the player's name in script on the front, along with a tiny credit line: "Photo by International". The set is completeat 180 cards and nearly one-fourth of the photos used in the set are identical to the better known E120 American Caramel set. The Willard set is identified as V100 in the American Card Catalog.