Pee Wee Reese
(b. July 23, 1918 - d. August 14, 1999)
Pee Wee Reese led the Dodgers to seven pennants between 1941 and 1956. Despite his small size (5'10", 160 pounds), he was the acknowledged leader on the star-laden club. One of the top-fielding shortstops during the 1940s and 1950s, Pee Wee was an All-Star from 1947 to 1954. He scored 1,338 runs in his career, leading the NL in 1947 with 132. When Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson, it was Reese, a Southerner, who led his teammates to accept Robinson as a player and a friend.
Inducted in 1984
1950 Drake's Pee Wee Reese #19 PSA NM 7
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Comments: In April, 2001 I pulled the trigger on a beautiful PSA 8 1953 Topps card made available on eBay by 734. The card stayed in my collection for several years. I love the '53 set and also owned a Jackie Robinson PSA 8 as well as a PSA 7 Satchell Paige. In order to diversify the collection a little more I swapped out the Reese for this 1950 Drakes PSA 7 in December, 2006 from 3178 when it showed up on the Net 54 B/S/T site. I couldn't pass it up. In 2011, I purchased a GAI 8.5 example but upon receipt realized the card was trimmed. The side-to-side and top-to-bottom measurements were approximately 1/16" shorter than my PSA 7. I'm still looking for an upgrade to my NM card but have come up short.
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1950
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Drake's
Country: United States
Description: Entiltled "TV BaseballSeries," the 1950 Drake's Bakeries set pictures 36 different players on a television screen format. The cards, 2-1/2" X 2-1/2", contain black-and-white photos surrounded by a black border. Backs carry a player biography plus an advertisement advising collectors to look for the cards in packages of Oatmeal or Jumble cookies.