Tommy McCarthy
(b. July 24, 1863 - d. August 5, 1922)
Tommy McCarthy made a lasting make on the game when he perfected the fly-ball trap in order to throw out the lead runner of a double play, leading to the infield fly rule. Although he was best known for his defense, in 1893 he hit a robust .361, helping Boston to the NL title. He was a .292 hitter and topped the .300 mark four times.
Inducted in 1946
1990 Target Dodgers Tommy McCarthy #499 PSA 8 NM-MT
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Comments: I've searched and searched but there' no issue contemporary to McCarthy's career showing just his face. The 1895 N300 comes the closest with a photograph from the waste up and Tommy looking off into the distance. But, there is this 1990 Target Dodgers card. I first found it on eBay and picked up a copy for $4 inc. S&H from Perry Eaves (dealer with lots of neat tribute cards) in October, 2002. It was submitted to PSA and graded NM-MT in January, 2003. In October, 2004 I picked up a complete set of uncut sheets for $19 inc. S&H with the hopes of hand cutting the McCarthy to get a MINT/GEM MT grade from PSA. Unfortunately, I cut the card to short both ways and PSA wouldn't grade it; deemed the card trimmed (ha, ha - you think). I picked up another set in May, 2011 for $18.50 inc. S&H but have yet to attempt to nicely "rip" the McCarthy out. I'm assuming the proper way is bending at the perforations and tearing; rather than using scissors. So far this guy has cost me $50! I don't think I'd get a dollar if I tried to sell it on eBay.
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Year(s): 1990
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Target Dodgers
Country: United States