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Jake Beckley
(b. August 4, 1867 - d. June 25, 1918)
One of baseball's earliest stars, Jake Beckley played more games at first base than any man in history. He had 2,931 hits, 1,600 runs scored, and 1.575 RBI. His dashing handle-bar mustache made him a fan favorite. "St. Jacob's" 243 career triples are fourth on the all-time list.
Inducted in 1971
1909 T206 Broadleaf Jake Beckley PSA 1 PR-FR
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Comments: In September, 2002 I picked up my first Beckley, a PSA 3 (MK) T206 with an eBay win. I upgraded to a PSA 4 in January, 2003 and then a PSA 5 a couple weeks later with another eBay win. In August, 2004 I upgraded yet again to a PSA 6. Then, an opportunity came up to obtain a T206 "Back" that I didn't have represented in the collection. I purchased this T206 Broadleaf card off the Net54 B/S/T website in April, 2006 from Tom Botticelli. I have not seen another example surface since.
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1909
ACC Set Designation: T206
Set Name: Broadleaf Cigarettes
Country: United States
Description: The nearly 525 cards which make up the T206 set are the most popular of the early tobacco issues. Players are depicted in color lithographs surrounded by a white border. The player's last name on the -7/16" X 2-5/8" cards appears at the bottom with the city and league, when a city had more than one team. Backs contain an ad for one of 16 brands of cigarettes. There are 389 major leaguer cards and 134 minor leaguer cards in the set, but with front/back varieties the number of potentially different cards runs into the thousands. The set features many expensive cards including a number of pose and/or team variations.
Example Broadleaf Cigarettes Pack