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Joe Cronin
(b. October 12, 1906 - d. September 7, 1984)
For 50 years, Joe Cronin excelled as a player, manager and executive. A hard-hitting shortstop, he made baseball history in 1934 when Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey purchased him from Washington owner (and Cronin's uncle-in-law) Clark Griffith for $225,000. Cronin was a .301 career batter, and he had 1,233 runs scored, and 1,424 RBI to go with his 515 doubles. As a manager, Cronin led the Senators to a pennant in 1934 and the Red Sox to one in 1946. From 1959 to 1973, he served as Al President.
Inducted in 1956
1936 R311 Glossy Finish Joe Cronin SGC 60 EX
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Comments: A 1941 Play Ball PSA 6 was the first portrait card of Joe Cronin I purchased. In September, 2006 I decided to replace it with a 1936 R311 Glossy card. I found a VG raw example and thought it was the perfect image. In January, 2007 I purchased another copy hoping for an upgrade but it turned out to have a slight tear that I didn't see in the auction scan. In June, 2008 I won another example via eBay. Again, the copy was no better than VG. I kept searching. Then, in January, 2010 I was shocked when a seller on eBay advertised their auction for a "MINT" example. I took a chance on it. It wasn't mint but still the nicest copy I'd seen in 5+ years of searching. If not for a light fold, caused by mishandling the photo, the card would easily grade NM. I submitted to SGC and they graded it EX. I love this item - great condition and I'll most likely never find an upgrade.
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1936
ACC Set Designation: R311
Set Name: Glossy Finish
Country: United States
Description: The cards in this 28-card set, which was available as a premium in 1936, measure 6" X 8" and were printed on a glossy cardboard. The photos are either black and white or sepia-toned and include a facsimile autograph. The unnumbered set includes individual players and team photos. The Boston Red Sox team card can be found in two varieties; one shows the sky above the building on the card's right side, while the other does not. Some of the cards are scarcer than others in the set and command a premium. Babe Ruth is pictured on the Boston Braves team card.