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Leon Day
(b. October 30, 1916 - d. March 13, 1995)
Inducted in 1995
circa 1940s (14 June 1948) Kodak Mexicana Ltd. Real Photo Postcard Leon Day SGC 20 FAIR
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Comments: I don't have records of this purchase but was hoping the set would include some Negro League Hall of Famers. . I just remember the card was part of a set that was distributed at a minor league game. When I opened the cellophane pack, the Leon Day ended up being a perfect fit for the collection, a nice tribute placeholder. The eBay auction I won included a ticket stub and original brochure handed out at the ballpark. I broke the set apart and submitted the Day to PSA. It was graded NM-MT in March, 2004. I'm looking to replace it with a rare 1951-2 Denia card, issued by a Puerto Rican milk powder company.

UPDATE: The weekend of July 25th, 2015 there was still the possibility of work flying me out to Indiana to meet a client.  The contract did not get signed in time and travel was off.  It was disappointing because The National was being held in Chicago the very same week just a few hours away.  I was hoping for the possibility of piggy-backing on the trip with a few days of vacation to visit the show at the tail end of the week.  Then, on Friday July 31st I received word they needed me on the following Monday.  Perfect!  I booked a flight for Saturday morning and was at the Donald Stephens Convention Center by noon.  I walked the show floor for several hours and didn’t find anything at first.  I eventually reached my friends – Al Crisafulli (Love of the Game Auctions) and Ryan Christoff ( who were sharing a table towards the back of the room.  Al had the Lou Gehrig Hanna Batrite model game used bat on display.  Read more about it on my Gehrig page! Ryan always has great Negro league cards for sale and this show was no exception.  I found this Leon Day card staring at me.  A few years back I had an opportunity to purchase a '51-2 Denia example but didn't have the funds to make it happen. This one is greater portrait shot of the Negro League legend and perfect for my collection. There was also a beautiful 1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo Raymond Brown upgrade (SGC 40), the highest graded example. Mine was a SGC 30 copy with minor creasing. We worked out a fair deal (+ trade) for both items and it made my show.  The Day was immediately submitted to SGC, and with Mr. Christoff's expert advice, they slabbed it for me. The postcard reverse carries a “14 Jun 1948” date stamp and a factory “KODAK MEXICANA, LTD.” marking.  Thrilled with it.

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1948
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Kodak Mexicana Ltd. Real Photo Postcard
Country: Mexico