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Barney Dreyfuss
(b. February 23, 1865 - d. February 5, 1932)
Dreyfuss was an executive in Major League Baseball who owned the Pittsburgh Pirates franchise from 1900 to his death in 1932. He is often credited with the creation of the modern baseball World Series. He also built one of baseball's first modern steel and concrete baseball parks, Forbes Field, in 1909. During his period of ownership, the Pirates won six National League pennants and World Series titles in 1909 and 1925; only the New York Giants won more NL championships (10) during the same period.
Inducted in 2008
1910 D322 Tip Top Bread Barney Dreyfuss SGC 30 GOOD
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Comments: His election to the hall by the Veteran's committee was announced in December, 2007 and the search for a Tip Top card (the only period card of Dreyfuss) started. I didn't anticipate this induction like some of the other members and didn't own a card yet. In the following years, five different examples showed up in various auctions but the bidding went way to high. I was looking for a lower grade example that fell in my price range. The stars aligned when I finally won a PSA 1 Barney in a June, 2012 eBay auction from seller Neil Keller / boyntonbeach.

UPDATE: Saw a PSA 2 at the National in Cleveland in Aug 2014, but couldn't pull the trigger. It's also been on eBay for awhile. Great card with a full back. It would be a nice upgrade but can't do it.

UPDATE: On the evening of May 10th, I was getting ready for bed and reviewing my saved eBay searches on my iPhone.  This Dreyfuss SGC 30 example showed up with a BIN of $1750.  The card had a crease across the top of the subjects face but the back was intact/clean.  The price was in the ballpark.  I had paid approximately $1300 for my PSA 1 card several years before and over teh years really wanted to upgrade.  Significant parts of the reverse were unreadable with missing paper having been glued to an album at some point.  I kicked back a counteroffer to the seller.  In the morning we talked by phone and settled on a price - great dealing.  I was very happy with the upgrade I wasn’t really expecting. Thank you BR!

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1910
ACC Set Designation: D322
Set Name: Tip Top Bread
Country: United States
Description: The previous season's World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates are featured in this issue. The cards have an unusual - for the era - nearly square (1 13/16" X 2 3/8") format. Fronts have pastel paintings of the subjects with identification in the white border below as "World's Champions". Backs have a checklist, ad for the bakery and offer to send the complete set of cards for 50 bread labels.