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Billy Evans
(b. February 10, 1884 - d. January 23, 1956)
Billy Evans got his start as a sportswriter and then did what many writers have always thought they could do better - be an umpire. He was one of the best in the AL, working six World Series.
Inducted in 1973
1922 Exhibits Wm. Evans SGC 60 EX
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Comments: Over the years I've made a lot of great buys. This was not one of them and is likely the worst purchase I've ever made. I won this card in June, 2007. It's not the worst mistake (see Mathews); just the worst purchase. I was buying like crazy at the time and hadn't seen a Evans come up in a while. Instead of keeping my patience and holding out, I decided to go all in with an over the top bid in the Goodwin auction. I way overpaid. The same grade came up a few years later in Nov, 2008 for a fraction of what I paid (31% to be exact - ouch!). Worse yet - a PSA 6 showed up in Sept, 2012 on eBay and I totally forgot to enter a snipe. It sold for around the same price as the PSA 5. This card brings out some bitterness in me. Arggh…I really try not to think about this one and did not enjoy writing this.
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1922
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Exhibits
Country: United States
Description: The Exhibit Supply Company continued the same 3-3/8" X 5-3/8" format in 1922 but doubled the number of cards in the series to 128, including eight players from each team. All but nine of the players who appeared in the 1921 series are pictured in the 1922 set, along with 74 new players. The cards again display black and white photos with blank backs. Some of the photos have white borders. The player's name appears in a plain script with the position and team below in small capital letters. American League is designated as "A.L." Again, there are several spelling errors and incorrect player identifications.