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Pete Hill
(b. October 12, 1882 - d. December 19, 1951)
A standout center fielder with a rifle arm, Pete Hill was one of the greatest line-drive hitters of his era. From the turn of the century to the early 1920s, Hill was a giant among Giants, starring with legendary clubs such as the Cuban X Giants, Philadelphia Giants, Leland Giants and Chicago American Giants. Playing alongside baseball greats Rube Foster, Pop Lloyd and Bruce Petway, Hill captained the legendary Leland Giants of 1910, credited with a record of 123 wins and just six losses. For eight seasons with the Chicago American Giants, Hill tormented opposing moundsmen with his knack of fouling off pitch after pitch. Hill wound down his stellar career as player-manager for the Detroit Stars during their early days in the newly formed Negro National League.
Inducted in 2006
1974 Laughlin Old-Time Black Stars Pete Hill #10 PSA 8 NM-MT
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Comments: I searched eBay, shows, and the internet for Laughlin singles for a little over a year and had no luck. Then on May 27th, 2011 I got lucky with a random Google search for "Frank Grant Laughlin". I found a website, from Columbia City Collectibles, with singles from the set listed for decent prices. The condition was as described, so I ended up purchasing another single from the dealer - this Pete Hill.

UPDATE: In late May, 2013 I sent PSA a group of 175 raw cards that I had purchased at shows and on eBay over the course of several years for grading/authentication. I waited two plus months for the submission and during that time decided to have a little fun. Normally, I get the email from PSA indicating grades are available and I go online to review the results. When I receive the package I open it up look through the cards and start the scanning process. The entertainment ends there. This time I decided to do things a little differently but it would take extreme discipline. I didn't go online to look at the grades and the package arrived for pickup on August 23, 2013. I asked my wife to open the box and randomly distribute the contents into a large storage bin. The bin went into the closet and each day for the next 6 months my kids would take turns pulling out a card for me. One card at a time, it was like Christmas every day. I'm involved in a private chatroom of sportscard collectors where I would post a picture of "The Card of the Day" for the guys to follow along. The kids loved it too! It was so fun I tagged on two more submissions (one for 15 cards received back in early Dec, 2013 and another 53 card submission returned in Feb, 2014) and lumped them in with the other cards as they came back from PSA. The original 175-day quest has now turned into almost a year-long adventure.

This '74 Laughlin card was Day #176. I was expecting a NM-MT (OC) or EX rating due to the t-b centering, happy with the grade.

UPDATE: In March, 2014 a whole set of Laughlins showed up on eBay, each card sold separately. The grouping included PSA-graded NM-MT cards of Pete Hill and Frank Grant. I saved them in my Watchlist and entered a couple snipes. On the auction closing night I was able to monitor the sales and I entered a couple last second bids on both cards to save fees on the snipe service. I won both cards for a little less than my high bids. I was extremely pleased to add the cards to my collection.

UPDATE: In November, 2014 a PSA 8.5 showed up on eBay. I passed on the opportunity for an upgrade when the bidding went higher than I hammer - $160!

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1974
ACC Set Designation: -
Set Name: Laughlin Old-Time Black Stars
Country: United States
Description: TBD