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Miller Huggins
(b. March 27, 1879 - d. September 25, 1929)
A decent second baseman with the Reds and Cardinals, Huggins is best remembered as the Yankee manager of the 1920s. Standing only 5'6", he was one man able to temper the boisterous Babe Ruth. "The Mighty Mite's" 1927 Yankees team is widely considered the best of all time. "Hug" was 1,413-1,134 in his career, including five seasons with mediocre Cardinal clubs. He won six pennants and three world championships in his 12 years with the Yankees.
Inducted in 1964
1914 T213 Coupon Cigarettes Miller Huggins Type 2 PSA 4 VG-EX
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Comments: In March, 2002 I won an eBay auction for a T205 PSA 4 and subsequently upgraded to a PSA 6 in March, 2005 with another eBay win. I swapped backs for an American Beauty SGC 30 in July; and then upgraded to a PSA 5 AB in August, 2005. In July, 2006 I decided to go with another issue for Huggins when I won this T213 PSA 4 from seller Paul Moss (zardoz51) on eBay. In December,2011 I won another eBay auction for what I thought was an "upgrade" - a PSA 5. Upon receipt, the card inside the holder appeared uglier than the EX rating on the slab with a crease and staining. Unfortunately, I didn't request a refund immediately and held onto the card until the next National. When I had the card reviewed onsite by PSA in 2012, they informed me that the slab had been tampered with. They wouldn't buy it back because it wasn't misgraded. I was out $500! I now owned a glued holder with a VG card inside. SUCKS!!!
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1914
ACC Set Designation: T213
Set Name: Coupon Cigarettes Type 2
Country: United States
Description: Because they feature the same photos used in the contemporary T206 tobacco set, some collectors fail to recognize the T213 Coupon set as a separate issue. Actually, the Coupon Cigarette cards make up three distinct issues, produced from 1910 to 1919 and featuring a mix of players from the major leagues, the Federal League and the Southern League. While the fronts of the Coupon cards appear to be identical to the more popular T206 series, the backs clearly identify the cards as being a product of Coupon Cigarettes and allow the collector to easily differentiate between the three types. Type I cards, produced in 1910, carry a general advertisement for Coupon "Mild" Cigarettes, while the Type II cards, issued from 1914 to 1916, contain the words "20 for 5 cents". Type III cards, issued in 1919, advertise "16 for 10 cts." Distribution of the Coupon cards was limited to the Louisiana area, making the set very obscure and difficult to checklist. Numerous variations further complicate the situation. Type I cards are considered the rarest of the Coupon issues, and, because they were printed on a thinner stock, they are especially difficult to find in top condition. Type II cards are the most common, they were printed with a "glossy" coating, making them susceptible to cracking and creasing.