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John Henry Lloyd
(b. April 6, 1908 - d. September 26, 1977)
The finest shortstop in Negro baseball, Lloyd's stellar performance in a 1909 exhibition series against Ty Cobb's Tigers so embarrassed Cobb he vowed never to play blacks again. In 1928, despite being age 44, Lloyd led the Negro National League in batting with an eye-popping .564 average. From his time in Cuba, his nickname was "El Cuchara," which means "scoop" in Spanish.
Inducted in 1977
1923-4 Tomas Gutierrez John "Pop" Lloyd #64 SGC Authentic
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Comments: Seven years ago I picked up a raw tribute card of Lloyd, a 2001 Fleer Stitches of the Game, and thought it would be decades before I picked up a card contemporary to the great Negro Leaguers career. That all changed in February, 2011 by pure chance. It was a late, late night and I was just surfing the net. I went to the Old Cardboard website and looked at the Calendar to get an idea of upcoming auctions. There was one ongoing that night. Quickly, I went to the site and started browsing the lots. The first page was mainly pins, but Page 2 had some amazing Cuban sports memorabilia. And, there it was an original 1923-4 Tomas Gutierrez album. The next lot - an original Pop Lloyd - from the same legendary set. The color was fantastic but it was only graded Authentic by SGC (no numerical grade). Based on the bright, white color I assumed it was restored or perhaps trimmed - bottom edge. I quickly registered and hoped it wasn't a lengthy approval process. Most of the lots had already closed. It was meant to be because I received my login info and placed a true "last second" bid. Within 30 minutes the auction was over and the card was mine. Unbelievable card! There's likely less than ten of these in existence and it gets better.

This card comes from the collection of Richard Merkin, who passed away in September, 2009. He was an artist, raconteur, bon vivant and spirit, appearing on The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band cover. The man was an avid collector of Cuban Baseball memorabilia and it's nice to own this item after him.

UPDATE: Was following the Heritage Auction ending 08/27/2016 and a SGC 60 closed for $14,937.50 with juice.  Really would have loved the upgrade but couldn't pull the trigger.  It's such an amazing card and the buyer really got a steal. Here's the auction link.

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1923-4
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Tomas Gutierrez
Country: Cuba
Description: The largest of the Cuban baseball card issues of the 1920s, this is also one of the scarcest and most popular. Printed in dark brown (some backs are in black) on sepia paper, the 1-5/8" X 2-3/8" cards were inserted into packs of Diaz cigarettes. Cards have portrait photos on front with team name at top and player name (sometimes mispelled and sometimes a nickname) and position below. Backs, which can be found in three styles, have the card number and an offer for an album. It is the album offer which accounts for much of the issue's scarcity. The album was a hardcover, ornate book with picture's of each card pre-printed. It is believed that the album was available by turning in a complete set of the cards, which were not returned. Adding to the set's popularity is its inclusion of many Negro Leagues players including future Hall of Famers Oscar Charleston and Pop Lloyd.
Example Tomas Gutierrez Album