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Biz Mackey
(b. July 27, 1897 - d. September 22, 1965)
Inducted in 2006
1924-5 Aguilitas Segundas Biz Mackey #871 SGC 10 POOR
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Comments: In March, 2007 I purchased a complete 1986 Larry Fritsch Negro League set for a few cards including Biz Mackey (and Buck O'Neil, Mule Suttles). For Mackey, it's a temporary placeholder until I can get my hands on a 1924-5 Aguilitas #871. I'm looking for a low grade example. Since I started looking two examples have been offered - a SGC 20 and a SGC 30 - both in 2012. However, I was unable to pull the trigger as the final hammer price was significant.

UPDATE: Once in awhile you get surprised in the hobby. On July 30th, 2017 I received a Private Message from another collector with whom I last corresponded in Aug, 2011. Before that exchange, I had pinged him a few times and asked him to keep in touch if he was ever willing to sell a very special card he posted on Net54 a couple years prior - an Aguilitas Mackey. The man was very patient with me and polite in every response back - "no, not interested in selling but keep in touch". Flash forward....I couldn't believe he had reached out to me. Perhaps, the card was finally available. Shortly thereafter we spoke by phone and had several great conversations about traveling, our hobby-baseball cards, and mutual friends. Of course, we also discussed the only career-contemporary card of the greatest of all Negro League catchers and mentor of the great Roy Campanella. I don't know if I've ever dealt with a more friendly person and I'm now happy to call him a friend. At one point I took a phone call from the car and pulled off I-55. Thank you N!!! I'm so happy to own this very special item and thrilled we came to a deal. Now, I need to reach out and see if I can get ahold of former Denver Broncos great Mr. Riley Odoms and see if I can learn more about his grandfather. Wouldn't that be cool?

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1924-1925
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Aguilitas Segundas
Country: Cuba
Description: This set is known to collectors as Aguilitas Segundas for the top line of the ad on the back. In reality, this second series cigarette card issue was issued several years before the Aguilitas first series counterpart. About 1-1/2" x 2-3/8", the cards have round black-and-white player portrait photos in a debossed rectangular area on glossy stock. Beneath the photo is a player name or nickname, with "BASE BALL" below. The ballplayers are a subset of a 900-card issue which included movie and stage stars, soccer players, boxers and other subjects. All baseball players are known within the numerical range of 841 through 899, though only four cards are known above #880, and none between #880-895. The known ball-players comprise of 44, many of whom were stars of the Negro Leagues, including several Hall of Famers and some who appear on no other career-contemporary cards. Many surviving specimens show evidence of having been glued into an album which largely accounts for their survival in the area's hot, humid climate. Examples are rarely seen in condition approaching Excellent.