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Effa Manley
(b. March 27, 1897 - d. April 16, 1981)
Inducted in 2006
2013 Panini Cooperstown Colgan's Chips Disk Effa Manley PSA 10 GEM MT
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Comments: From their induction in 2006 until 2012 I didn't know any baseball cards existed of the following negro leaguers - Effa Manley, Alex Pompez, Louis Santop , J.L. Wilkinson, or Sol White. Then in May, a PSA 10 1964-Date postcard of Alex Pompez showed up on eBay and I snatched it. I was aware of the issue, seen it many times, but didn't know it was updated with the inductees because nobody had listed them before on eBay. Or, for some reasons my searches didn't reveal them. True the player's portrait is in the plaque, and would be preferred on it's own, but its still better than no card at all. I've searched for an example of Manley since then and this one finally popped up. I purchased a PSA 10 example of Manley's HOF plaque postcard in April, 2013 (along with a 1986 Fritsch Buck O'Neil in PSA 10) with an eBay auction win from seller and hobby friend Scott Grebenstein.

UPDATE: Honestly, I don’t like the 1964 HOF Postcards much and when the 2013 Panini cards showed up on eBay it was an opportunity for a swap.  In September, 2013 I purchased two copies each of Effa Manley and Bowie Kuhn.  The discs are cut poorly and have little divots on the side, apparently from where the join other discs before they are cut.  I submitted one of each to PSA in late 2013 and the cards were slabbed MINT 9 in January 2014.  I’ll keep trying for a GEM example but it might be tough due to the cuts.

UPDATE: Picked up a mint single of a Panini Colgan's on eBay for $5.49 inc. S&H on 02/24/2015.  Looks like a ‘10’ candidate.

UPDATE: Went to my favorite online store at Beckett Marketplace on 3/6/15 - Burbank Sporscards and purchased 5 more copies of the Panini Colgan's figuring if I submit a larger group to PSA one of them is bound to be a GEM copy.

UPDATE: On November 5th, 2015 I received an email from PSA requesting credit card info because the information on file showed my account was expired.  After two months of waiting, my order was ready.  Within a few hours my grades were available and I checked the results.  All three of the Panini discs of Manley I submitted graded GEM MT.  I had my upgrade!

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 2013
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Panini Cooperstown Colgan's Chips Disk
Country: United States