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Red Schoendienst
(b. February 2, 1923 - d. June 6, 2018)
Red Schoendienst teamed with shortstop Marty Marion to form one of baseball's best-ever double-play combinations. Red could also hit, reaching a career-high .342 in 1953. Despite contracting tuberculosis in 1958, he returned to play parts of five more seasons. He had 2,449 career hits and 1,223 runs scored.
Inducted in 1989
1952 Berk Ross Red Schoendienst PSA 8 NM-MT
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Comments: For Red Schoendienst, I picked out a 1961 Topps card as the portrait to acquire. I picked one up in Febuary, 2002. For a few years I was happy with the card, until I started shifting some cards around. I decided to go with a 1952 Berk Ross after finding a PSA 5 example in October, 2005. I've been looking for a nice PSA 8 ever since - missing out on one in a July, 2006 Legacy Sports auction and a PSA 9 in a April, 2010 Memory Lane auction. However, in April, 2007 I did manage to upgrade to a PSA 7.

UPDATE: I was searching completed eBay auctions in June, 2015 to look for a PSA 9 I missed out on and I discovered a PSA 8 sold with a BIN of $179. CRAP! It was bad enough not winning the PSA 9 (sold for $879) but learning I also missed out on a cheap PSA 8 hurts more. Funny thing....the same week the PSA 9 ended, another PSA 9 was listed with a BIN of $3400 and subsequently dropped to $1500 after the other PSA 9 sale. That's still way off - no sale. The search continues for an upgrade...

UPDATE: It was just past midnight on Wed November 4th, 2015.  I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep when the following saved eBay search on my iPhone  (some people read books) yielded me this PSA 8 card from seller tonyetrade:

(Bond Bread, Berk Ross, Drakes, Drake's, Orbit, R423, R-423, R346, R-346, Red Heart, Red Hearts) -boxing, -1987, -1986, -1985, -1984, -1981, -1983, -1982, -reprint

The price was reasonable and it was just a matter of clicking the Buy It Now button.  Done, got my upgrade

UPDATE: An eBay auction for one of three PSA 9s closed on March 7, 2016.  I tried to pick it up but came up short again.  I'm 0/4 at grabbing a Nine, having missed out on this exact Cert # twice now.  It may take awhile for another one to be offered with such a low population (1 of 3):

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1952
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Berk Ross
Country: United States
Description: Although the card size is different (2" X 3"), the style of the fronts and backs of the 1952 Berk Ross set is similar to the previous year's effort. Seventy-two unnmubered cards make up the set. Rizzuto is included twice in the set and the Blackwell and Fox cards have transposed backs. The cards were issued individually rather than as two-card panels like in 1951.
Example 1952 Berk Ross Wrapper