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Paul Waner
(b. April 16, 1903 - d. August 29, 1965)
"Big Poison" didn't settle for hitting singles like his little brother; 905 of Paul Waner's 3,152 career hits were for extra bases. He led the NL in hitting three times, peaking a .380 in 1927, when he led Pittsburgh to the pennant and was named league MVP. Waner retired with a .333 batting average, 605 doubles, 1,626 runs scored, and 1,309 RBI. When Lloyd was inducted, the Waners became the second brother combination to be so honored, after the Wrights.
Inducted in 1952
1928 Harrington's Paul Waner #45 PSA 3 VG
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Comments: In April, 2002 I won an eBay auction for a 1936 Goudey PSA 8 (MC). I swapped the card out for a 1928 Sweetman SGC 30 card with another eBay win in March, 2003. I listed the card on my website for 3X my buy price (approx. $100) and the card sold. So, I went back to the '36 Goudey issue and picked up a PSA 6 on eBay in March, 2004. I swapped it out for a 1928 W502 SGC 70 in March, 2005 with an eBay win. I finally settled on this 1928 Harringtons card in March, 2008 after winning an eBay auction from seller Dave Schrader (Bagger's Sportscards). To this day I regret selling the Sweetman example - an extremely difficult issue. The same Sweetman card I owned sold in a B-L auction in 2012 for $400 (click here - ouch!!!).

UPDATE: The Summer 2016 Love of the Game auction included several items of interest – a 1928 Exhibits PCL Averill SGC 45, a 1922 Exhibits Cy Rigler SGC 60, and a 1928 Sweetman Paul Waner SGC 30.  As mentioned above, I had owned a Sweetman card a long time ago, sold it, and then realized it’s scarcity afterwards.  This triggered the desire to re-acquire another example.  I wanted all three cards but had a weekend getaway to the mountains planned.  So, I placed several Max Bids not knowing if I’d have wireless signal from the campsite.  On the evening of 6/11 a thunderstorm hit Mueller State Park and the family was tucked in to our sleeping bags while it rained outside.  My cell phone reception was perfect and I had three bars – monitoring the auction would not be an issue while the other family members slept.  My bids held up and I won all three cards.  Two were upgrades – Averill (from a PSA 3 MK) and Rigler (from a SGC 40), and one was a newbie for me – the Sweetman Waner.  It completed my 1928 Ice Cream run as I already had W502, Tharps and Harringtons represented in the collection. Here it is:


Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1928
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Harrington's Ice Cream
Country: United States
Description: Sharing the same format and checklist with several other (Tharp's, Yeungling's, Sweetman, etc.) contemporary ice cream sets this 60-card set includes all of the top stars of the day. Cards are printed in black-and-white on a 1-3/8" X 2-1/2" format. The player's name and a card number appear either in a strip within the frame of the photo, or printed in the border beneath the photo. Card backs have a redemption offer that includes and ice cream bar in exchange for a Babe Ruth card, or a gallon of ice cream for a complete set of 60.