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Vic Willis
(b. April 12, 1876 - d. August 3, 1947)
Inducted in 1995
1909 E95 Philadelphia Caramel Vic Willis PSA 5 EX
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Comments: My first Willis was a T206 purchased in March, 2003 on eBay. In May, 2004 I upgraded to a GAI 6.5 after a purchase from E&L Sportscards (Larry Gladstone). In May, 2005 I replaced the T206 with a PSA 8 1906 Fan Craze card via eBay. Then, in September, 2005 changed my mind again when I found a E95 Philadelphia Caramel Willis card graded PSA 5 through the Net54 board - the same seller who sold me a E95 Bender a few months earlier.

UPDATE: In Dec 2015 I found this PSA 7 listed on eBay but have not been able to pull the trigger.  Great card - wish I could do it:

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1909
ACC Set Designation: E95
Set Name: Philadelphia Caramel
Country: United States
Description: Similar in style to the many other early candy and caramel cards, the set designated a E95 by the American Card Catalog is a 25-card issue produced by the Philadelphia Caramel Co. (actually of Camden, N.J.) in 1909.
Example Postcard of the Philadelphia Caramel Company