RustyWilly Collectibles is a small business out of Denver, CO - owned and operated by Mark Tylicki. I started collecting cards back in 1991 buying packs during the hobby boom. Within a couple years I sold off almost everything and started acquiring vintage cards.

My personal collection, started in 1995, includes one portrait card of each baseball Hall of Famer (click here to view), and some future candidates. Players are listed in alphabetical order from Hank Aaron to Robin Yount. I'm very proud to say there's been a few articles written about the portraits. Please click on the links below to read more:

Hall of Fame Collecting by Al Crisafulli - SGC Collectors Magazine, Spring 2006, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Pages 5-11; Sportscard Guaranty LLC

Collector's Dugout: The Faces & Facts About Fellow Hobbyists by Lyman Hardeman - Old Cardboard, Fall 2006, Issue #9, Pages 10; Old Cardboard, LLC

It Takes Technology to Track Down Legends by Dave Flomberg - Yellow Scene Magazine, February 2008, Volume 8, Issue #2, Page 59; SMB Advertising

The Tylicki Portrait Gallery by PSA - Sports Market Report, June 2009, Vol. 178, Pages 28-34; PSA-Collectors Universe

The baseball portraits inspired me to continue with other sports and I've managed to slowly grow those collections with the same portrait theme:




I also collect Dave Winfield cards - click here to view the group on the PSA Registry. Why? Well, he's my favorite ballplayer! A neighborhood kid had some '87 Topps baseball cards that a group of us were flipping through. I recall spotting a Winfield card. What a great baseball name WIN-FIELD. He became my favorite player. The rookie card was issued the year I was born and his middle name was the same as my first name - Mark. Little did I know at the time that this guy was no ordinary ballplayer! When I was a college freshman in 1992, the Colorado Rockies allowed me to drop off an item for signing when they hosted "Big Dave" in Denver for the innaugural Branch Rickey Award. He personalized a black-and-white 8X10 for me and it's still one of my favorite pieces of memorabilia. Pretty cool of the ballclub to help a poor student out who didn't quite have the $1000 to attend the corporate event.

While in college I started toying with the idea of designing a website to display some of my collections - coins, bottle caps, Picasso stamps, and sportscards. I was hoping to sell some of the items via the site to fund more purchases. But, I needed a name! I was invited to a theme party at my friend Meghan's house. At the time I was experiencing a little drought with women. She provided all the guests with name tags and RustyWilly was born.

RustyWilly Collectibles sells professionally graded sportscards in all four major sports issued between 1887-1969. However, I am always looking to expand inventory to offer items for virtually every collector - from investment quality graded cards to rare inserts, from autographed cards to quality rookie cards.

I want to offer a comfortable environment and friendly customer service to meet all of your collecting needs. Please see my customer feedback page to see what other customers have said about RustyWilly Collectibles. Whether you're looking to buy, sell or talk about the best hobby in the world, send me an e-mail. I look forward to your correspondence. THANK YOU!