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Mordecai Brown
(b. October 19, 1876 - d. February 14, 1948)
A farm accident in a corn grinder mutilated Brown's right hand, severing most of his index finger, mangling his middle finger, and paralyzing his little finger. The injuries, however, gave his pitches a natural sink and curve. Pitching with the Cubs between 1904 and 1910, Brown's highest ERA was 1.86, helping Chicago to four pennants. He had a career 239-129 record, with a 2.06 ERA and 57 shutouts.
Inducted in 1949
1911 T205 Drum Mordecai Brown SGC 20 FAIR
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Comments: It's always been T205 for Brown. I first purchased a SGC 40 Polar Bear on eBay in October, 2002 from James Verrill (baseballvintage). I sold it a few weeks later for a little profit. In November, 2002 I purchased a replacement PSA 3 - also on eBay. I upgraded to a PSA 5 (Sovereign Reverse) in April, 2004 with another eBay win from Lisa Fitzpatrick/ mad11240 (in addition to also winning a T205 Chance PSA 5 and T205 Tinker PSA 4 from the same seller). There were two separate occasions when T205 Brown's with Drum backs came up in auction and I placed bids. None of them were successful. In June, 2013 another Drum back came up, an SGC 20 example, in the Robert Edwards auction and I was able to win the card. I'll sell the Sovereign back and keep my eyes peeled for a Drum upgrade.

UPDATE: In July, 2016 a SGC 50 T205 Brown was offered up by PWCC on eBay.  I tried to win but dropped out when the bidding went over $3K (ending at $3,383.33).  Previously, the card sold for around $2850.  Bummed but hopefully it will come around again. Here's the card I missed out on...

Looking at it....there's really not much difference compared to my SGC 20 example. I actually prefer the back centering on my card.
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1911
ACC Set Designation: T205
Set Name: Drum Cigarettes
Country: United States
Description: Taking their hobby nickname from their gold-leaf borders, these cards were issued in a number of different cigarette brands. The cards nominally measure 1-7/16" X 2-5/8" although many cards, even though untrimmed or unaltered, measure somewhat less than those dimensions in length and/or width. American League cards feature a color lithograph of the player inside a stylizedd baseball diamond. National League cards have head and shoulder portraits and a plain background, plus the first-ever use of a facsimile autograph in a major card set. The 12 minor league players in the set feature three-quarter length portraits or action pictures in an elaborate frame of columns and other devices. Card backs of the major leaguers carry the player's full name (another first) and statistics. Card backs of the minor leaguers lack the statistics. The condition of the fragile gold leaf on the borders is an important grading consideration.