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Raymond Brown
(b. February 23, 1908 - d. February 8, 1965)
Inducted in 2006
1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo Raymond Brown #30 SGC 40 VG
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Comments: Former Homestead Grays standout Raymond Brown, in a SGC 30 holder with some surface wrinknles, excellent centering and slightly rounded corners. I purchased this card from my Colorado friend, Ryan Christoff on 4/25/2006.

UPDATE: The weekend of July 25th, 2015 there was still the possibility of work flying me out to Indiana to meet a client.  The contract did not get signed in time and travel was off.  It was disappointing because The National was being held in Chicago the very same week just a few hours away.  I was hoping for the possibility of piggy-backing on the trip with a few days of vacation to visit the show at the tail end of the week.  Then, on Friday July 31st I received word they needed me on the following Monday.  Perfect!  I booked a flight for Saturday morning and was at the Donald Stephens Convention Center by noon.  I walked the show floor for several hours and didn’t find anything at first.  I eventually reached my friends – Al Crisafulli (Love of the Game Auctions) and Ryan Christoff ( who were sharing a table towards the back of the room.  Al had the Lou Gehrig Hanna Batrite model game used bat on display. Read more about it on my Gehrig page! Ryan always has great Negro league cards for sale and this show was no exception.  I first considered a deal for an amazing Leon Day postcard. Then, I thought "American Pickers" and said - let's bundle. There was also a beautiful 1945-46 Caramelo Deportivo Raymond Brown upgrade, the highest graded example. Mine was a SGC 30 copy with minor creasing. We worked out a fair deal (+ trade) for both items and it made my show.

Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1946-7
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Caramelo Deportivo
Country: Cuba
Description: One of the better known of Cuba's baseball card issues is the 100-card set issued by Caramelo Deportivo (Sporting Caramels) covering the 1945-46 Cuban winter league season. Printed in black-and-white on very thin 1-7/8" X 2-5/8" paper, the cards were intended to be pasted into an album issued for the purpose. Fronts have a card number, but no player identification; backs have the player's name, a few biographical and career details and an ad for the issuer, in as many as three different configurations. Many former and future Major Leaguers and stars of the U.S. Negro Leagues will be found on this checklist; sometimes providing the only cards issued contemporary with their playing careers.
Example 1945-6 Caramelo Deportivo Album
Sample Album Page w/ Brown