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Ray Dandridge
(b. August 31, 1913 - d. February 12, 1994)
Ray Dandridge excelled at third base in the Negro and Mexican Leagues, hitting for power and average while fielding with precision. He accumulated a .347 average against white big league pitching. In 1949, he signed with the Giants and tore apart the American Association for Minneapolis, but at age 36 never received a call to the majors.
Inducted in 1987
1949-50 Acebo Ray Dandridge SGC 20 FAIR
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Comments: Dandridge is one of those Negro League players who didn't have many cards issued during his career. I am aware of one postcard that happens to be a portrait but have not had the opportunity to buy an example. In the meantime, I did find the 1992 Front Row set in March, 2003 and picked up a set via eBay. One of the cards is the perfect portrait of Dandridge. I submitted the card to PSA and it came back graded GEM MT in October, 2003. In November, 2006 I learned of a card issue that I hadn't seen before - 1949/50 Acebo. My friend and Cuban card expert Ryan Christoff sold me a Dandridge. It was in rough shape with one corner missing some paper. The card was submitted to SGC and received a POOR 10 rating. In June, 2011 I was randomly searching eBay for cards and typed "Acebo" and clicked enter. This SGC 20 popped up on the screen - it was totally random and I couldn't believe it. I watched the auction closely and my snipe was enough to win the card from seller Steve Verkman (Clean Sweep Auctions). It was only a ½ grade bump from my other card but so much nicer in appearance all around. There's some light staining and ink "37" on the reverse. Check out his gold tooth!
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1949-1950
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Acebo
Country: Cuba
Description: It's unclear why certain 1949-50 Acebo cards almost never surface, while others are found in nearly every small batch that's uncovered. Whatever the reason, Ray Dandridge happens to fall into the "almost never surfaces" category. This is one of the rarest cards of this Negro League legend.