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George Davis
(b. August 23, 1870 - d. October 17, 1940)
Inducted in 1998
1903 E-107 E107 Breisch Williams Type 1 George Davis PSA 2 GOOD
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Comments: This is my all-time best purchase; acquired in early 2004 and graded by PSA in May of that year. There are only three known copies - a SGC 70 example which sold in a Winter 2005 Mastro auction to the same collector who supposedly also owns the third copy. I've been offered ten times my purchase price on several occasions and have turned each offer down easily. Numerous people have tried to pry this one away, having received more interest from website customers in this item than any other card I own. #2 on the "will you sell-please list" is a Ted Lyons rookie card, ironically, sold in the same deal. Both cards were incredible buys and items I consider "untouchables".
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1903
ACC Set Designation: E107
Set Name: Breisch Williams
Country: United States
Description: Identified by the American Card Catalog as E107, this circa 1903 set is significant because it was one of the first major baseball card sets since the days of the Old Judge issues in the 1880's. It established the pattern for most of the tobacco and candy cards that were to follow over the next two decades. Measuring approximately 1-3/8" X 2-5/8", cards feature black-and-white player photos with the name, position and team along the bottom. The back states simply "One of a hundred and fifty prominent Baseball players," although blank-backed varieties of this set are fairly common. Also found have been cards with a diagonal overprint stating "The Breisch-Williams Co." establishing the producer of the set. The Type I set consists of 147 different players although 11 additional variations can be found. The Type II cards are thicker than those in Type I and may have been cut from an advertising piece. Many of the photos were used in other sets, like T206 and M116 Sporting Life.

Example Geo. Breisch & Co. Envelope