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Joe McGinnity
(b. March 20, 1871 - d. November 14, 1929)
While Joe McGinnity's nickname "Iron Man" was derived from his off-season occupation in a foundry, it well described his mound efforts. For nine straight years he pitched 300-plus innings, topping 400 twice and leading the league five times. He had a career 247-144 record with a 2.64 ERA and 314 complete games. He pitched another 17 seasons in the minors, finally retiring at age 54.
Inducted in 1946
1909 E254 Colgan's Chips Stars of the Diamond "Iron Man" Joe McGinnity PSA 8 NM-MT
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Comments: I started with a tribute card for McGinnity, acquiring a 1961 Fleer PSA 8 in June, 2001 via eBay. In October, 2003 I picked up a card contemporary to his career - a raw Fan Craze issue in pretty rough shape. I upgraded to a PSA 5 with another eBay win in January, 2005. And, another upgrade to a PSA 8 in March, 2005 after winning an eBay auction from seller R. Dolloff. Since I already had Elmer Flick representing the Fan Craze issue I swapped the McGinnity out for a new type card - going with a 1912 C46 SGC 10 in January, 2006. That didn't last long as I settled on Joseph Kelley for C46. In December, 2007 I made another change, buying this PSA 8 Colgan's Chips card from seller Kris Keppler via eBay.
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1909
ACC Set Designation: E254
Set Name: Colgan's Chips Stars of the Diamond
Country: United States
Description: This unusual set of 1-1/2" diameter round cards was issued over a three-year period (1909-11) by the Colgan Gum Co., Louisville, KY. the cards were inserted in five-cent tins of Colgan's Mint Chips and Violet Chips brands of gum. The borderless cards feature a black-and-white player portrait on the front along with the player's last name, team and league. On more than a dozen cards variations are known in the size of the photo and/or lettering on the front. The card back identifies the set as "Stars of the Diamond" and carries advertising for Colgan's Gum. Over 230 different players were pictured over the three-year period, but because to team changes and other notable variations, more than 300 different cards exist.
Example Colgan Chips Tin