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Bill McGowan
(b. January 18, 1896 - d. December 9, 1954)
Bill McGowan earned his "No. 1" nickname in the AL because of his renown for accuracy. Chosen to work in eight World Series games, he also worked four All-Star games, including the first in 1933.
Inducted in 1992
1951 Bill McGowan's School for Umpires Postcard SGC 70 EX+
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Comments: In December, 2004 I purchased a raw Perez-Steele postcard of the HOF umpire. It was later submitted to PSA and received a MINT rating. In July, 2009 I found an item contemporary to his career, a 1949 postcard advertising the McGowan Umpire School in Florida. It was the perfect portrait - had never seen it before. The seller and I met up at The National and negotiated a price. The postcard was later submitted to SGC and received a PR rating due to several surface issues. In July, 2011 a raw copy of the postcard surfaced on eBay but this one was dated 1951. It was the same photograph. I snagged it with a snipe of the price I paid for the 1949 copy. And, the card was much nicer! SGC ended up giving this postcard an EX+ 70 rating. I didn't care much about the date and kept the nicer 1951 copy; selling the 1949 postcard to the same person who originally sold me the postcard.
Card Details Below:  
Year(s): 1951
ACC Set Designation:
Set Name: Bill McGowan's School for Umpires Postcard
Country: United States